How To Contacts

After login, you will be directed to the Dashboard, where you can see vital information about your account usage and messages.

Recent Sent Messages
In the upper left corner, you will see a box containing your most recently sent messages. For more details, click a message.

The default calendar is in the upper right hand corner and shows you the current month as well as sent and scheduled messages. The view can be changed to show month, week or day. For more details, click on a date that is showing a message event.

Recent Received Messages
Just below Recent Sent Messages is a box containing your most recently received messages. For more details, click a message.

Texting Tips and Best Practices
Just below the Calendar is a box containing quick links to texting tips and best practices.

Message Statistics
In the lower left corner, you can see month to date statistics about your account including Received messages, Sent messages, Recipients, Opt-outs and Senders.

How To Topics
In the lower right side of the dashboard are quick links to customer support and help topics.

The QR Code Generator can be used to initiate a text message.

Log in to ImpactText portal.

Choose Tools/General from left side navigation menu.

In the QR Code Generator section, you will enter the code to initiate a text message after the QR Code has been scanned. For example:
- Use this format: SMSTO:+18665578919:Hello, how are you?
- When scanned, the QR code will send a text message to 866-557-8919 with the message, "Hello, how are you?"

Right click the QR code to save it.